Singing Doorman Greets Customers With Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’

A doorman outside a store in Dublin, Ireland, used his musical talents to spread Christmas cheer as he sang a classic from the legendary Bing Crosby.

Christmas is one of the most special times of the year. It’s a season that comes with its own treasured, time-honored traditions. People also seem to go out of their way to spread happiness and joy, which can come in a variety of ways. Someone may unexpectedly help an individual struggling financially. Others may even break out into song and dance, bringing a smile to the faces of everyone in earshot.

A clip posted on YouTube shows how one man in Ireland brought Christmas cheer and happiness to those by singing Bing Crosby’s beloved classic “White Christmas.”

The video begins with the familiar tune playing as a doorman, dressed to the nines, stands outside the Brown Thomas store on Grafton Street in Ireland’s capital city. Several customers file out of the store as many others stand nearby, ready to take in the doorman’s Christmas-themed musical performance.

Soon after the musically gifted doorman starts singing the Christmas tune, the camera turns and captures the massive crowd who has gathered outside the store. 

But the beautiful singing is only half of the show for the crowd. A second doorman treats a young woman to a dance as they twist and twirl together to the lovely performance. 

At approximately the 2-minute mark in the clip, the singing doorman incorporates choreography into the mix. He soon has the adoring crowd, who has gathered to watch, dancing with him. Everyone takes two quick shuffles to the left and then two swiftly paced moves to the right. 

The crowd erupts into a loud, collective round of applause, showing their appreciation for the two men’s efforts. What a lovely performance that surely brought a smile to the face of anyone lucky enough to have witnessed it in person.

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