Dad Cannot Figure Out How To Open New Computer And His Daughter Is Losing It

An older gentleman revealed that he had quite the time trying to open his new laptop computer from work, and his daughter couldn’t stop hysterically laughing.

Technology, like most things in life, is constantly changing and updating. Every few days, it feels like Apple rolls out yet another system update for their iPhone. Thanks to improvements in streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu, anyone can literally watch any movie or television with a few simple clicks of a button. The latest and greatest gadget that will make communication easier, entertainment better and information more readily available is always on the horizon. 

However, technology can and does often move at lightning-quick speed, which can make staying up on the latest update troublesome. A video posted on TikTok shows how one man had a great deal of trouble simply opening his laptop computer.

The short, 15-second video begins with a man carrying a laptop computer and handing the device to his daughter, who is filming the interaction. As he gives the computer to his daughter, he says, “See this? Try and open it.”

She takes the computer, places it on her lap and then promptly opens the device. She separates the top from the bottom. The computer is now ready to do its thing.

Hilariously, dad is simply amazed at how swiftly and easily his daughter opened the laptop.

“How did you know to turn it upside down? It’s upside down,” he said.

But then it gets even worse. Dad admits that he had to “ring the help desk” at work. His daughter cannot contain her laughter at her father’s hilarious confession. 

Technology can be baffling and puzzling to even the most tech-savvy person at times. Everyone needs a little help now and then. That’s a simple fact. But it’s likely that his employer’s help desk had never received a call before requesting assistance on how to open a laptop.

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Source: TikTok

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