Christian Comedian Jonnie W. On The Challenges Of Being The Drummer At Church

Hilarious Christian comedian Jonnie W. had the audience rolling with laughter when he brought up the unusual setup a lot of churches have for their drummers.

All denominations in the Christian religion have differences in how they view and interpret the Bible. On some issues, many churches and denominations may vary only slightly. However, on other issues regarding interpretation of the Bible and style of worship, the difference may be much greater and more noticeable. 

However, one way most churches that play contemporary Christian music during service are similar is in their setup for the drummer. Many of those churches seem to place their drummer in an odd, plastic enclosure. Sure, it likely has to do with the sound waves and the room's acoustics, but it still looks weird. In a clip posted on YouTube, Jonnie W. hilariously points this out, leaving the audience literally laughing out loud.

Jonnie mentions that when growing up he wanted to play in his church’s worship band. That’s when he turns and notices something off about the church’s stage behind him.

“Ya’ll got this big, gigantic stage, man,” Jonnie said. “And you don’t have bulletproof glass around your drummer? Look at ya’ll! Is this a good neighborhood? Be honest with me.”

The audience roars with laughter at his hilarious but true observation.

He then proceeds to mention the setup his church has for their drummer.

“Our drummer is like a bank teller back there, I’ll tell ya that,” Jonnie said. “He is. We got a lid on top. He’s in an aquarium, really. That’s what he is. I lift up that lid between songs. Sprinkle in some flakes. ‘Two more verses, buddy. Hang in there.”’

The clip ends with Jonnie talking about other odd and different ways churches conduct the praise and worship portion of their service. He even manages to work in a hilarious Will Smith joke. 

Psalm 95:1 “O come, let us make songs to the Lord; sending up glad voices to the Rock of our salvation.”

Source: Jonnie W.

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