Toddler Stops Crying When New Baby Brother Is In Her Arms

A young child desperately needs to hold her newborn baby brother, so much so that she cries if he’s not in her arms.

Siblings, when they are growing up, generally do not get along. As any parent knows, most interactions between young siblings usually end in tears, fighting, yelling and sometimes, even all three. But as those siblings grow, move out of the house, go their own ways and start their own lives, something happens. Those old rivalries and differences melt away. Most end up cherishing those bonds.

One precious video posted on YouTube shows how much a young woman has instantly bonded with her newborn sibling, her baby brother. 

The short clip begins with the toddler lying with her mother in a hospital bed. The child is crying, reaching her arms out toward the camera. The young woman is making it entirely clear that she desires something or someone immediately. 

The man, presumably the wailing child’s father, walks onto the screen as he’s holding an infant. The man then gently places the infant into the arms of the little girl. The young girl instantly ceases all crying. 

She just wanted to hold her baby brother! Text at the beginning of the clip mentions that “she needs to hold her new brother so she can breathe again.”

Once the newborn is placed in the toddler’s arms it’s all smiles – from the little girl and mom who holds both in her arms.

Mom and Dad give the young girl pointers as she takes her little brother in her arms.

“Be sweet, be easy,” Dad tells the little girl.

“So sweet,” Mom says as she gently kisses the top of her young daughter’s head. 

It’s a picture-perfect moment of a happy and blessed family.

1 John 4:18 “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear: because fear has torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love.”

Source: Humankindvideos

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