Grandmother Tears Up When Her Grown Grandchildren Surprise Her With Sleepover

A grandmother and grandfather received an unexpected but deeply moving and tear-inducing surprise for Christmas when their adult grandchildren arrived at their house for a sleepover.

Most grandparents, over time, develop deep, committed relationships and bonds with their grandchildren. Hundreds of videos on social media show sweet grandchildren excitedly running to their grandmother or grandmother immediately after spotting them. But nearly all those videos involve tiny children and never adult grandchildren approaching their grandparents with unmitigated joy and happiness. 

One clip posted on social media shows seven adult cousins showing up unexpectedly at their grandparents' residence show on Christmas. It’s clear from the puzzled looks on their grandmother and grandfather’s faces that they are confused and unsure of what to make of their visitors' sudden appearance. 

With blankets, sleeping bags and other supplies in hand, the adult grandchildren proudly announce that they have arrived at their grandparents' house for a slumber party. 

“We came to have a sleepover,” one woman states as her grandmother opens the door.

“You came to have a sleepover?” the grandmother asks.

The grandmother, once she comprehends their intentions, is thrilled with their plans for the evening.

“Well, that’s great,” the grandmother says. “Are you serious?”

Later in the clip, someone asks her grandmother if she is bothered by her grandchildren’s sudden and unexpected appearance in her home.

“That’s the best Christmas present ever,” she enthusiastically answers.

Seconds later, the grandmother becomes overwhelmed with emotion. She is moved by her grandchildren’s sweet, moving and loving plans to spend the night with her. 

The grandmother buries her face in her hands and begins sobbing. Two of her granddaughters walk over and give her a loving embrace.

What a simple, but simple gesture that likely meant the world to those grandparents, especially, as the video shows, to the grandmother.

Who wouldn’t want such a sweet surprise? 

Proverbs 17:6 “Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children is their fathers.


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