Chatty French Bulldog Has Oddest-Sounding Bark

Chatty French Bulldog Has Oddest-Sounding Bark

A young and talkative French Bulldog has an odd, almost cartoonish-sounding bark that you must hear to believe!

All animals are beings formed and placed on Earth by the good Lord above. However, some animals, due to their cute personalities and odd, often hilarious ways, have become near and dear to the hearts of many. 

A clip posted on YouTube depicts a 7-year-old French bulldog, Sunny, and his two owners as they go about their day with their pet. But this canine is almost assuredly unlike any other dog you’ve encountered. Once you hear this dog’s yelp, you’ll never forget it.

This animal has plenty to say, and Sunny’s bark sounds like it should be coming from a cartoon character. Wherever this dog and his unique bark goes, heads turn in his direction.

“I think it’s created by happiness but also excitement,” Ortzy, one of the dog’s owners, said. “It’s, like, a mix of all those feelings.”

Sunny’s startling sound came out of nowhere one day.

“We had Sunny for seven years, and then one day, he started talking out of nowhere,” Ortzy said.

And he has not stopped talking since that day.

Sunny’s other owner, Mary, mentioned she’s proud like a proud mother when it comes to her odd-sounding canine. 

“When he starts talking, I feel like a really proud mom because it’s not really normal to see a dog making this sound,” Mary said. “I’m just feeling proud of my baby, of my son. 

However, Ortzy admits, initially, he had a much different reaction to Sunny’s sound. He has since come around and accepts Sunny, his unique voice and his chatty ways.

“At the beginning, I was super ashamed,” Ortzy said. I was so embarrassed. But now I’ve just come to terms with his screaming. We kind of answer when he talks to us. I do it just for fun, and I reply in the same way.”

Proverbs 12:10 “An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel.”

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