Security Guard Interrupts Cheerleading Routine, And Then Everyone Is Going Wild

Check out how the University of Tennessee football fans react when a security guard interrupts the cheerleading routine and everyone goes wild. It might not be what you’d expect!

For those that don’t understand football, the cheerleaders and the marching bands are sometimes the most entertaining parts of the game. Yes, I said it! 

So, getting in the way of their dazzling costumes and fancy moves, whether acrobatic or musical, might get a person in trouble. And that’s exactly what it looked like would happen for a security guard during a Tennessee Volunteers football game.

Watch as the dude in the blue shirt, and khaki pants backs up, seemingly oblivious, into one of the cheerleaders during a dance routine. She runs over to a coach to ask for help; the security guard is ruining their routine! With his headset in place, the sideline coach intervenes on the young woman’s behalf. Apparently, there is a break in the action on the field, and the coach can attend to other business.      

The coach runs over to the clueless security guard, and an argument ensues. The security guard turns toward the field and is then pushed back toward the sideline by the dancers. But he doesn’t make it off the field. Instead, he joins in the dance!

He’s not in a leotard or stretchy pants, but this guy has got the moves! And he’s not actually a security guard, either. 

He’s Michael Galyean, an aspiring actor, and dancer. Michael was approached by Women’s Cheer and Dance Coach Kelley Tafazzoli to participate in the spoof during the October 29 game. Michael received a video of the dance only one week prior to the performance, and he had only one hour to rehearse with the team! 

Michael has the timing, the attitude, and the dance skills that are called for. He is a natural among the ladies! In fact, if his acting goals don’t pan out, he may have a place on the squad!

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact, you are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Source: beachgalloway

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