News Anchor Overcomes Phobia to Learn to Dance

As much as we’d hate to admit it, fear is powerful. It can keep us cowering in the corner and stop us from experiencing new, fun things in life. Tony Dokoupil, an anchor on CBS Mornings, recently faced a big fear of his: dancing.

Tony explained on the program that his aversion to hitting the dance floor runs deep.

“When it comes to dancing, I’ve had a childhood fear, I mean a deep fear. It’s really more like a phobia,” he said

He added that as a child, he did go to dances with his friends, but he’d never actually got on the floor when the music started. Instead, he admits became a wallflower. 

Tony also stated that his dread of dancing has affected his life as an adult.

“As a grownup, as an adult, this same fear kept me sidelined at friends’ weddings and also deprived my wife Katie of a dance partner time and time again,” Tony said

Despite the fear and anxiety Tony feels about dancing, he decided to give it a try regardless.

He met up with a professional choreographer, Jessica Castro, who had him trying out some basic dance moves. 

At one point, Jessica explained to Tony exactly what dancing is, in its most simple and rudimentary form. 

“You know what dance is, honestly? Dance is confidence,” Jessica said. 

The clip goes on and shows both Tony and Jessica going through several dance moves and drills. 

It wasn’t long until Tony says that he “began to understand the basics.” 

After some more practice, trial and error and helpful advice, Tony and his wife, as the video shows, went out for a night of dancing, where he did hit the dance floor.

“And once the music started to play, I realized something I probably should have when I was 17, a good night of dancing is not about the moves. It’s about the feeling,” Tony said

Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be you dismayed: for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Source: CBS Mornings

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