Housefires - Keep My Eyes Up

Life is full of commitments, requirements and obligations. With such a busy and hectic world, it’s easy to get distracted and shift focus on temporary, temporal things that don’t really matter. One song reminds us of where that attention and focus should be and stay.

“Keep My Eyes Up” from the Housefires is a beautiful song about our need to shift our focus to Christ. One of the song’s verses makes mention of our tendency to become distracted by what is around us. Even though this does happen, the songwriter is determined to stay focused on Jesus.

“I look to You, not the left, or the right
You are my vision, you are the prize
I’m grounded in love; my faith is taking flight”

Another verse, near the conclusion of the song, points out that if we only focus our attention and remain committed to Jesus, we have no reason to fear anything. 

The song also indicates that when everything in our world is shaking and falling apart, Heaven will be a place where Christ is loved, adored and worshiped.

However, the songwriter saves the song’s most powerful and impactful words for the very last. The lyrics state that there have been both truth and lies told. But instead of falling away and going with the falsehoods, Christ is the prize if we only keep our eyes focused on Him. 

The video, which accompanies the song and its uplifting and positive message, features the musicians performing in the center of a room. Other people surround the musicians as they sing along to the song. 

“Keep My Eyes Up” is a lovely song with a powerful message reminding us to stay focused on what matters in this life and the next: Jesus. 

Psalms 34:5 “Let your eyes be turned to him and you will have light, and your faces will not be shamed.”


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