John Mikkiah Thompson

John is an amazing person. He is 18 years old and is Autistic. John didn't read write or speak until around the age of 8 years old. His father one day decided to teach himself the piano so he went out and purchased a small keybord to give it a try. When John's father, Grant, pressed the keys he saw John's eyes light up. FINALLY, he and Tammy, John's mom, found a way to connect to their Autistic son. A few years later around the age of 11 John was not only writing his own music, all self taught, he could listen to just about any song and play it back on the piano and sing in around 30 minutes. One of John's true gifts from GOD is his singing voice. It will make anyone stop and listen. It is truly a gift from GOD. Recenlty John spent a day in Nashville TN recording his first record. Three of the songs are origionals and three songs are covers. We hope you enjoy GOD's work!

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