Army Of Drones Create Epic Halloween Light Show

You have to check out this amazing army of drones that create an epic Halloween light show above a festive house.

In this video, a man named Tom put together a spectacular light show in celebration of Halloween this year. His house is covered with lights, and they are all synchronized to light up at different times that go along with music – a Metallica song and the theme song from Ghostbusters!

You’ll see singing pumpkins, light up gravestones, spiders, ghosts, and all sorts of Halloween related sights. And not to mention lasers and drones to add to the incredible light show – what a feast for the eyes!

It is amazing to see the drones above the house light up and create different shapes like characters from the hit TV show Stranger Things and iconic images from the movie Ghostbusters. This house truly is the most festive Halloween light display that I have ever seen!

Tom films his impressive light shows and shares the videos of them online. Many people have shared how incredible they think they are.

“I have watched your Halloween and Christmas Light Shows for years. But this is a whole new level and I am loving it!” comments one person on YouTube after watching the video. “Amazing drone show, Tom. Blew my mind and brought joy to my heart! Thanks!”

“Every year you step it up and this year is jaw dropping,” writes another person online. “So wish I lived nearer to come and see it in person. Also love the drone fly around behind the scenes section. You guys really work hard!”

Way to go, Tom! This whole production took an incredible amount of talent, effort, and dedication. And the work that he put into this light show is blessing so many people all over. What a fun way to celebrate this Halloween season, and we cannot wait to see what he does with his lights and drones for the next holiday!

Source: Tom BetGeorge

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