His Grandma Wrote a Book 50 Years Ago and He Made Sure it Got Published

In this video, Grandma, who is Barbara Rieco, received an amazing gift from her grandson, Chad Cooper. 

As she opened the gift she was overcome with emotion. This was a book she had written 50 years ago that she never had been able to get published. She was speechless and said, “I did not know how to reply.”

The book, called, More! More! More!, is the children’s story of two little girls. One is rich and one is poor and they become friends. 

Barbara did try to get published before but was never able to find a company to say yes to the book. She had kept all of the rejection letters and read from a few of them on camera.

“This has been going on since I was maybe 8 years old.” Chad, the grandson says. “So it’s always been in the back of my mind that she had a book that she wanted to publish.”

Chad self-published the book and put it on Amazon. Thinking they would only sell a few copies, both Chad and Barbara were surprised when the book became a bestseller. Barbara is speechless again when Chad tells her about the book becoming a bestseller. 

At the end of the video, Barbara gives her grandson a hug and a kiss. You can also hear her say, “This is probably the nicest thing anybody’s ever done for me in my entire life.”

Hearing stories like this gives you hope to never give up on your dreams. You never know what life might bring. You might get rejections of some kind, but there is always hope that things will get better in the future. 

If God has laid something on your heart, he will make it happen. Even if you don’t see the results of it for years to come. 

“He has made every thing beautiful in his time: also he has set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God makes from the beginning to the end.” - Ecclesiastes 3:11

Source: Inside Edition

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