Rooster Who Acts Like A Dog Enjoys Reading The Paper

The video starts with a woman, Camille, and her rooster, Bree, talking about how much he loves to eat her food. When he hears any type of snack bag opening, he is there, wanting some of it. 

Bree follows his owner everywhere, even over a baby gate into the next room. He helps to make the bed and is her buddy throughout the day. Those with dogs can relate to that. 

He loves his spa days, which happen a few times a week and he wears knickers in the house which Camille changes multiple times a day. 

If you are curious how Bree came to live in the house, Camille shares that he was rescued as a chick and has grown up with her dogs. “Bree thinks he’s a dog,” Camille tells us as we watch Bree and the dogs together, walking around the house, and getting treats. You can really tell, he fits right in with those dogs. 

Bree especially loves his Grandpa. Camille talks about how when her Dad comes over, he just goes to Grandpa. “Bree and my Dad have a very, very special bond,” she says. “They will have in-depth discussions. They will read magazines and newspapers together.” 

It is clear that Bree is not only loved but is truly a part of the family. Camille goes on to say, “When I look at Bree, I don’t see a chicken or a rooster. I see a loving, curious, intelligent, funny individual who is a part of my family.” 

What a joy to bring an animal into your home, love them, and have them love you in return. If we could all find such love.

“These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.” - John 15:11

Source: The Dodo

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