Security Camera Captures Epic Catch From Toddler Girl

This video is from a security camera that captures an epic catch from a pint-sized toddler girl. 

When we think of the phrase “play ball,” we think of nostalgic moments of America's beloved pastime of baseball. With legends like Yogi Berra. But he’s got nothing on this little Nebraskan girl. She might be slated for the big leagues. Or maybe it was just pure luck. Either way, the moment is amazing. 

It’s a typical afternoon in the small town of Alliance, Nebraska, where mom and dad are taking a breather on the couch after attempting to keep their two little girls entertained. Mom seems to be waiting for Dad to get off the phone as she mindlessly plays with a strand of her hair. 

The girls are corralled in the living room when their oldest daughter kicks a pink ball up into the air. At that exact moment, the little sister in her footie pajamas rubs the hair on her head when the ball lands directly into her palms. It’s quite the catch because Dad is shocked and tries to get his wife’s attention. He couldn’t believe what he just saw. His jaw drops open, and he is absolutely stunned. 

The older sister giggles and grabs the ball from little sister, and continues to kick it around the living as if nothing major happened. After all, she’s the bigger sister, if anything cool happens, it’s because she’s the one doing it. 

I bet Dad is thankful for this unexpected moment. He was probably thinking his dad days would be filled with pink toys, ballet, and dance. But both of his little girls seem to be into sports. His oldest can kick and the youngest can catch. Who knows, maybe soccer or softball is in his future. This dad is incredibly blessed to have two active, playful, and happy little girls. We hope you enjoyed this rare and unexpected catch of the day! 

Source: ViralHog

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