Catch My Glory(c) 2021

Catch My Glory(c) 2021

WORSHIP AGAIN (c) 2019 Andrea Murrell Inspiration For An Everlasting Peace One Soul AT A Time


Worhip is the greatest experience
Healing your spirit and soul
The Lord wants you to know HIM in a way you've never known
HE wants to draw you close to HIM
HE'S the spiritual lover of your soul
Believers are HIS holy bride
HE was pierced for you in HIS side
Let HIM kiss and touch your thoughts freeing you from sin
Connect to the Holy Spirit through true Worship
It's a definite win
So as you worship Jesus don't ask for anything
Feel HIS presence HE'LL make it real
Jesus came to truly bless and heal

"Catch My Glory" is a powerful song of encouragement that was sung by a powerful anointed soloist Nirva Reddy, who has been featured with Grammy award winner CeCe Winans and many others. I pray that this song will bless you and uplift your spirit in these difficult times!
Nirva Reddy - Featured Soloist, Jeff Nelson- Producer, Andrea K. Murrell- Composer,
Cecil Murrell Jr.- Editor.

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