'Maranatha' Acoustic Performance From Passion Music

'Maranatha' Acoustic Performance From Passion Music

Check out this beautiful acoustic performance from Passion Music of the new worship song ‘Maranatha.’

“This is not a performance and I’m not checking boxes, I’m here to worship
I’m here to worship You, so dust off the cobwebs and clear out my conscience
Cause I’m here to worship, I’m here to worship You, and nothing else
I’m here to worship You, and nothing else, I’m here to worship You
There’s no one else, I’m here to worship You, that’s all I wanna do”

What an incredible worship song that sounds so wonderful with the piano, drums, guitar, and vocals all making music together.

After the worship performance, some of the creators of the song, Sean and Jacob, were interviewed about ‘Maranatha’ and how special of a word it is.

“I don’t hear it a lot. It’s only used in scripture a few times. And it’s been thought to, in the early church, been a bit of like a mantra. Kind of like ‘Shalom,’” shared Sean. “If you are in the mountain or in the valley, if you are going through something tragic or something beautiful, you can say ‘Maranatha.’ It just means, ‘Come Lord’ or ‘Our Lord is coming.’ This hopeful belief that we can hang onto no matter what, what a cool thing.”

Then Jacob went on to express how he’s been wanting to write a song that uses the word ‘Maranatha’ in it.

“There’s language that we reserve really only for the Lord. That bridge has a lot of it in there,” Jacob said. “I’ve always kind of felt that ‘Maranatha’ is a beautiful thing to say to the Lord.”

Just like the words ‘Hosana’ and ‘Hallelujah,’ the word ‘Maranatha’ is such a special word to use when we are singing out praises to the Lord, and Passion did a wonderful job creating a worship song that does just that!

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