Blake Shelton Pulls 6-Year-Old Awaiting Heart Transplant On Stage For The Sweetest Duet

Imagine being a little boy and meeting your favorite singer. In this precious video, Blake Shelton pulls a six-year-old awaiting heart transplant on stage for the sweetest duet in Blake Shelton history! 

Wyatt McKee has been a big fan of Blake for quite a while. But Wyatt doesn’t always get to do fun things. He was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. It’s a condition where the left side of the heart is underdeveloped. This makes it hard for Wyatt to do normal boy things like wrestling with friends, running around the backyard, or even playing Tee-Ball.

But the one thing Wyatt can do is listen to music. He absolutely loves all of Blake’s songs, but his favorite is ‘God’s Country.’ It speaks to the wildness in this little boy's heart. 

So, when Wyatt got to see Blake in concert, his mom helped make a sign in hopes that maybe his prayer to sing with Blake would come true. His sign was pretty cute, no wonder it caught Blake’s attention. It said, “Your smallest, biggest fan from Lake Texoma, 6 years old waiting on a heart transplant.”

The sign caught Blake’s eye and he invited Wyatt up on stage. Blake got down on one knee, so they were face to face and then asked Wyatt his name and he shyly responded before tucking his hands into the pockets of his jeans. Then, Wyatt’s prayer comes true, but as you can see in this video, he was shy and a little star-struck. But after a few chords, the pair launch into the song before Wyatt returns to his seat.

Wyatt’s mom Harley snapped a few photos and also captured the pair on video. Later, with gratitude, she posted the video online in hopes that she could get her message to Blake to thank him for his kindness. 

She wrote, “I don’t know if Blake Shelton will ever see this but I just want to let him know he is awesome and officially my favorite person he absolutely made Wyatt’s day thank you so much to him and everyone who stopped us to tell him how great he was on stage and told him they are praying for him!!! Definitely, a night to remember!!!”

This short but sweet video will remind you of how even small acts can be the greatest forms of kindness and blessings when we do something kind for others.

“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.” Proverbs 19:17

Source: People

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