Exhausted 9-Year-Old Shares The Honest Truth About Shoveling Snow

One exhausted 9-year-old boy shares the honest truth about how he feels about shoveling snow after a recent snowstorm.

Carter Trozzolo is from Toronto and his exhausted rant about endless snow-shoveling has gone viral on the Internet. And the way that he talks about this never-ending chore will make you chuckle a little to see how much he really does not like doing it.

Snow days are usually something that kids look forward to. It means a day off school, playing in the magical white powder. But in this case, Carter wishes for something much more surprising.

“I really wish I was in school right now,” he says in an exhausted way while throwing his head back. I guess he sees school as his only way of getting out of the tiring job that is snow shoveling!

The large amount of snow meant a large amount of work for Carter, since he was just using a shovel to remove it instead of a snow blower. And Carter was not just clearing snow at his house, but he was shoveling all over the neighborhood.

“For my neighbors, friends, probably for people I even don’t know,” he says. “I’m tired.”

Carter’s parents’ sure know how to show him the importance of hard work, and how helping out others, like shoveling snow for friends and neighbors, is a great way to build character. And I’m sure that once he is done with all the shoveling, this young boy will be able to have some time playing in the snow. That is, if he has enough energy and is not sick of seeing all of the white stuff!

What about you? Are you a fan of winter and the snow? Is it something that makes you excited to see falling outside or just reminds you of all the work to come with shoveling it out of driveways and sidewalks?

Source: CTV News

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