‘It’s The Lord’ Couple Welcomes 2 Sets Of Identical Twins

A couple in Alabama got much more than they bargained for when they welcomed four children – two sets of identical twins – into the world. 

God’s Word mentions how children are a blessing. In the book of Psalms, children are referred to as “a heritage of the Lord.” In Proverbs, the Bible even mentions how grandchildren “are the crown of old men.” 

With that being the case, Michael and Hannah Carmack have been blessed many times. That’s because, on March 14, the family of three got a lot bigger and expanded to a group of seven. Hannah gave birth to quadruplets, which included two sets of identical twins.

Dad Michael knows this isn’t something that happens a lot, especially considering they weren’t undergoing fertility treatments. Hannah and Michael didn’t even plan to have any more children after their 8-year-old daughter.

But it’s obvious the Lord had other plans. 

After learning they were expecting quadruplets, Hannah and Michael sought out their pastor. Michael says the couple was told they had been specifically selected for this rare occurrence. 

“We needed to hear that, ‘Hey, this is special, you know? This is, not everybody is chosen for something like this,” Michael said to WVTM. “And you’ve been chosen for this.’ And because we didn’t go through fertility, it’s like, well, it’s the Lord.”

Mom Hannah and babies Evelyn, David, Daniel and Adeline are all doing well. However, Michael and Hannah do not see any more little bundles of joy in their future. 

“Yeah, yeah, I think we’re done,” Michael said. “I think that the legacy that’s been given to us, hey, we’re gonna run with it.”

Never say never, right? Michael and Hannah weren’t expecting to add four more and the Lord blessed them with Evelyn, David, Daniel and Adeline. 

Psalm 127:3 “See, children are a heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.”

Source: WVTM 13 News

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