Family Man Ross Clayton Earns 4-Chair Turn With 'Blue Ain't Your Color'

One family man named Ross Clayton earns a 4-chair turn from the judges on The Voice after his audition with ‘Blue Ain’t Your Color’ by Keith Urban.

“I can see you over there staring at your drink, watchin' that ice sink
All alone tonight, and chances are you're sittin' here in this bar
'Cause he ain't gonna treat you right, well, it's probably not my place
But I'm gonna say it anyway 'cause you look like you haven't felt the fire”

This singer, who is a father of three, did an amazing job with his audition on The Voice, and all four judges ended up turning their chairs around! 

“My main thing with you, because you already have this huge, beautiful gift, is to really pick songs that showcase you emotionally because you already have a lot of depth,” Kelly Clarson says to Ross. “But if you show people the vulnerable side, as well as that power, I think that would be really rad. I love your voice.”

Then Niall Horan, who is one of the new coaches on The Voice, decided to turn everyone else’s chairs around so he could talk to Ross “privately.”

“Your voice is absolutely incredible. You have that country tone to your voice, but to me, I was hearing so much soul,” said Niall. “I came up onto a show like this when I was 16 years old. I can point to fans of mine in this room.”

Then Niall goes on to beg Ross to choose him over the other coaches. “There’s plenty of them that would really love to take you under their wing. But I’m telling you, please, please forget about whatever any of them said,” he says as he kneels down with arms outstretched. “That’s why I spun them around. So, Ross, please join me!”

Ross ends up going with Niall as his coach, and it will be so fun to see what comes from him next!

Source: The Voice

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