Lin-Manuel Miranda Reacts To Son Playing The Piano

A big-name Hollywood star filmed himself while taking in a musical performance by his son.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a huge Hollywood star. Lin-Manuel, who is massively talented, can do it all. The man can sing, dance, act and compose music. His talent seemingly knows no bounds. 

While he has appeared in several notable films, he’s likely best known for starring in the Broadway smash hit “Hamilton.” Not only did he star in the production, but he also wrote the music for it. 

However, in a clip posted on YouTube, it wasn’t Lin-Manuel’s many talents that were on display. Instead, it was that of his son, Sebastian. In the video, Lin-Manuel records himself as he peers directly at the camera while his son sits and plays the piano.

Within the first couple of seconds, Lin-Manuel appears to be at least mildly impressed as he furrows his brow and raises his eyebrows. As the young man continues, Lin-Manuel smirks a time or two. Perhaps the young pianist made an unconventional musical selection. Maybe it was one his father didn’t expect.

Around the 30-second mark of the short clip, Lin-Manuel starts moving his head around in coordination with the notes. During a few seconds of silence, Lin-Manuel, possibly thinking his son is done, looks back and asks about the song.

“What is that one called?” he asks.

But it appears he jumped the gun as the child continues with his musical performance and ignores his father’s question. 

At approximately the 1:30-minute mark, the youngster concludes his piece. Dad is beyond thrilled but still has a very urgent question.

“Bravo, what’s it called?” Lin-Manuel asks.

A few seconds later, a little voice responds, answering his dad’s inquiry.

“It’s called Floor/Carpet,” the little guy says.

What a beautiful moment of a father encouraging and cheering on his child. 

Ephesians 6:4 “You fathers, don’t provoke your children to wrath, but nurture them in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.”


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