Man’s Facial Expressions During Baby Girl’s Birth Goes Viral

Photos that caught a man’s facial expressions as he watched the birth of his daughter have gotten a lot of attention.

Every child is a blessing from the good Lord above. Each child has value and a purpose, designed by the One who created the universe. All parents will agree that children add joy, happiness and love to life. 

However, how a child enters the world – the actual birthing process – is not for everyone. While a baby is, without a doubt, a blessing, some may prefer not to watch the birth. One man captured in a video posted on YouTube agrees with that statement, at least his facial expressions would lead many to believe that to be the case. 

Brett Stills, a 32-year-old from Jonesboro, Arkansas, was in the room as his girlfriend, 30-year-old Amanda Roelofs, who was in labor for six hours, gave birth to their third child, a girl. While he may have been in the room, his face makes it clear that he likely would have preferred to have been elsewhere at that moment.

Brett states that he was in the room when his son was born but admits there is nothing like witnessing the birth of a child.

“My second son, or my son, he, I watched that completely,” Brett said. “It was crazy, too. But this one was just, I guess that’s just something you can’t get used to, you know, seeing a baby born.”

Amanda said that viewing the photos of Brett’s facial expressions watching the birth caused her to laugh hysterically. 

“I didn’t get to see them for a while until, like, we got back to the room later on,” Amanda said. “And I just cracked up and then I, like, zoomed in on his face, and I was just dying laughing.”

After she posted the photos of Brett’s hilarious reactions online, it began taking off, garnering a ton of likes and shares. 

John 16:21 “When a woman is about to give birth she has sorrow because her hour is come; but when she has given birth to the child, the pain is put out of her mind by the joy that a man has come into the world.”

Source: Inside Edition

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