Housefires - Rest On Us

If you are looking for a peaceful worship invitation, then this is the video. Check out this video clip of Housefires - Rest On Us.

So often we see an unnecessary amount of lights and smoke machines to create an atmosphere of worship. However, Housefires shows us in this video that there is something beautiful about the authenticity of just being gathered with other believers singing and praising the Lord with our instruments. As we reflect on the Holy Spirit meeting with us and resting on us, this is a beautiful invitation for us to draw near to God. We can see the genuine hearts of those in this clip connecting with their Savior in this casual setting. We see blue jeans, hats, and flannel shirts that remind us we can come to God just as we are right now. We do not need to bring a show to Him, just simply our hearts. 

It is also amazing to see such diversity in one room. Housefires models what heaven will be like one day. We see every tribe and nation represented in the book of Revelation. This group of various individuals comes together and encourages our own souls that we are all one in Christ Jesus. The concept of the Holy Spirit filling us is a daily calling of all believers. We have access to the Spirit, but we need to join in with this prayer found within this song, “Fill me up” for the day.

This is not just a song, this is a prayer. These people are greatly seeking God to rest on them and meet them in their worship. God is always with us, but He invites us to draw near to Him and says that He will draw near to us. May this be our prayer too as we witness this peaceful song.

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” John 4:24


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