‘You're The Only One I'm Looking For’ - Housefires

Listen to the song ‘You're The Only One I'm Looking For’ by Housefires and you’ll end up feeling blessed and renewed.

The song ‘You're The Only One I'm Looking For’ by Housefires is an uplifting song that is featured on the band’s album titled How To Start A Housefire as the eleventh melody.

The worship group Housefires was formed in 2014 and originated at Grace Midtown Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Their community-driven worship collective has created and produced many incredible songs over the years that have encouraged the body of Christ.

“There’s been one consistent question that we’ve gotten over the years of traveling to lead, sing and minister all over the world: how do I start a gathering like this?” says Nate Moore of Housefires. 

“People are hungry to be a part of an authentic, free-spirited, Jesus-loving, fiery, worship community. This album captures the essence of what a “house on fire” type of worship community looks and feels like.”

Nate Moore continues to share about the band’s new album How To Start A Housefire: “We all long to belong somewhere – to be a part of something bigger and deeper than ourselves. Especially coming out of the pandemic, people are desperate to feel at home somewhere — to be seen, known, and loved by others who are pursuing similar passions and dreams. 

This album provides a window into a community that has existed the better part of a decade – A place where anyone from anywhere can come and meet Jesus and feel at home with those on their left and their right.”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to the song ‘You're The Only One I'm Looking For’ from the new album by Housefires today. May it uplift and encourage you and leave you praising the one true God.


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