Joy Gardner Beautiful 'Holy Ground' Performance Lyric Video

Singer Joy Gardner turned in a beautiful performance of the hymn “Holy Ground” in a lyric video.

None of us could ever do anything to obtain forgiveness and earn salvation. If that were the case, there would be no hope for anyone, and all would be condemned to live out their days in their sin and shame. Eternal life would not be possible, so a disastrous fate would await all after their time on Earth expired.

But God made a way, sending His one and only Son to Earth. Jesus Christ willingly went to the cross, bleeding and then enduring a horrible and agonizing death. Days later, Christ would arise, roll the stone away and walk out of the grave. 

He went through all of that for our sake. He bled and died so that we might have forgiveness and experience eternal life with Him. Forgiveness, love and hope are gifts freely offered to all. All one must do is confess with their mouth and believe in their hearts that Jesus Christ is Lord.

What a wonderful, magnificent and holy God! 

In a clip posted on YouTube, Joy sings about God's awe-inspiring and holy nature. It’s a beautiful and moving performance of a wonderfully written tune, with lyrics celebrating and praising God and His son, Jesus Christ.

The song's chorus is beautiful.

“We are standing on holy ground

And I know that there are angels all around

Let us praise Jesus now

We are standing in His presence on holy ground”

In addition to singing about God’s awesome and mighty love, the lyrics state that if there is a need in your life, reach out for Him and it will be met.

Joy is not the only person who displays their musical talents in the video. At various points in the nearly five-minute video, the audience joins in on the performance, standing up and lending their voices to the lovely song. 

Acts 7:33 “And the Lord said, ‘Take off the shoes from your feet, for the place where you are is holy.”


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