Family Delivers Lovely Cover of 'You Are My Sunshine'

Check out this adorable musical performance. A family delivers a lovely cover of ‘You Are My Sunshine.’ 

At the start of the video, we see a family on a backcountry road with a violin and keyboard. The group is called Rosemary Siemens and Family. There are multiple generations side by side making this lovely rendition. Rosemary begins to sing. Her father harmonizes with her. Then, her son jumps in, singing with them. Three generations are singing together. It is beautiful. 

In the next verse, the grandfather sings about imagining he was holding his daughter in his arms. After that, the grandson sings a precious solo to the chorus. The camera zooms in on his sweet face, and he sings so adorably on pitch. The men lead the next chorus, and the women harmonize. This family is singing in the most beautiful setting. The mother is then seen in a violin instrumental solo with her two sons. The boys love playing their tiny violins alongside their talented mom.

She finishes the final verse with a solo. All of them begin to sing together. It is a timeless song that reminds us of parents who have sung it to us and children we have sung the classic lullaby to in the past. It is emotional and heartwarming to watch and listen to this family. It reminds us of the value and beauty of the generations. God has blessed us with the gift of multiple generations loving and learning from one another. We can show Him gratitude for our own families as we view this video. Seeing a family use their musical abilities together inspires us and reminds us of the beautiful teamwork our families can have together. He has a blessing in the design of a family established on Him and His Word. He is faithful. 

“I will keep My covenant between Me and you, and your offspring after you throughout their generations, as an everlasting covenant to be your God and the [God] of your offspring after you.” Genesis 17:7


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