Hilarity Ensues as Tempers Flare in Classic Carol Burnett Show Sketch

Hilarity ensued as tempers flared in a classic sketch from The Carol Burnett Show.

Being able to read and knowing how to act and what to say in social situations is a handy skill. Quickly picking up on the general mood of people will save you trouble.That skill and ability will keep you from sticking your foot in your mouth. Like most things, this can be learned over time.

However, exercising proper etiquette and employing basic social norms shouldn’t be hard, right? But some people (we all know a few) can’t help but say the wrong thing at the most inopportune moment. Saying or doing the wrong thing can and will dredge up a painful memory for someone else, causing them to react emotionally.

A clip posted on YouTube features Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman in a sketch about saying the wrong things at the wrong time, which causes people to react emotionally. Tears are shed, and tempers flare throughout the sketch, but there are also plenty of laughs.

Harvey’s best friend, who has just undergone a messy breakup, is an emotional mess. Being the good friend that he is, Harvey has invited his buddy over to help him during this painful time. Harvey has plans to treat him to dinner and even take him to a basketball game.

However, Carol can’t help but keep saying the wrong thing to Harvey’s buddy, causing him to devolve into a ball of tears every time. Also, every time Harvey walks back into the room, it’s to see his buddy bury his face in his hands because of something Carol had just said.

Naturally, Harvey gets a bit upset at Carol for doing this. But then, hilariously, Harvey also starts to do this. Everything he says triggers an emotional reaction in his buddy.

Also, Harvey’s buddy unintentionally causes a tiff between Harvey and Carol. Carol learns Harvey’s honest opinion about her meatloaf.

Proverbs 17:22 “A glad heart makes a healthy body, but a crushed spirit makes the bones dry.”


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