Elementary Teacher Uses Toothpaste to Illustrate Power of Words and Kindness

An elementary school teacher used toothpaste to demonstrate to her class the power of words and kindness.

Life is often an unfair experience, with some people experiencing more than their fair share of troubles, hurt and heartache. We’ll all go through periods that cause pain, sorrow and grief. Unfortunately, that’s simply a part of being a human and living on Earth.

That’s why it’s so important and necessary to be kind whenever given the opportunity. We can never be sure what someone else is going through and enduring. A kind word or friendly gesture may be just the thing an individual needs to get that person through the day. We might never realize how big of an impact our words or actions made on someone else, but that’s why how we treat others is so important.

In a clip posted on social media, an inventive and creative fourth-grade teacher incorporated a tube of toothpaste into her lesson plan. Seconds into the video, viewers learn that the young woman is trying to convey to her students the importance of the words we say to one another.

She even gives her students a rule when interacting and talking with someone.

“If somebody can’t change something about themselves in 30 seconds or less, then you shouldn’t be mentioning it to them,” she tells her students.

She gives the students examples of what she means, such as telling someone their shoe is untied or their pants are unzipped.

She adds that commenting on someone’s hairstyle, hair color or body is much harder to change, and those judgmental words could potentially be hurtful to someone.

Before the clip ends, the teacher opens the tube of toothpaste and begins squeezing, causing the toothpaste to come out and land all over her desk. She then hurries and tries to put the toothpaste back into the tube, but she has no success.

She likens trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube to the words that come from our mouths. Once those words are said, they can never go back in, so choose them wisely.

Proverbs 21:23 “He who keeps watch over his mouth and his tongue keeps his soul from troubles.”


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