Country Singer Zach Bryan's Kindness Moves Sick Young Woman to Tears

This is a moving video worth taking a moment to watch. Country singer Zach Bryan's kindness moves sick young woman to tears.

As the clip starts, you see a young 19-year-old woman sitting in a wheelchair with a feeding tube taped to her nose. She is in the midst of a large stadium concert, wearing a cowgirl hat and a cute dress. You see the crowd cheering, and they all begin to clap. 

As Zach finishes his performance, he comes off the stage with one guitar and hands it to a crewmate. Then Zach does something unexpected: he picks up a dark guitar case and carries it over to the young woman. He tells her that the guitar is for her. She is in complete shock. She cannot believe that he has come up to speak with her and give her a special gift. He asks if she wants to go backstage, and she says yes. He agrees to give the guitar to her, back there. You then see that she is holding a poster that says her life goal #1 is to go to a Zach Bryan concert. He gives her a hug, and she begins to cry. 

The girl's name is Megan Pederson. Even in the battle she is facing, this small act of kindness went a long way in her life. She and her family happened to meet Zach’s dad at a concert in Oklahoma, and he got them VIP tickets for the Wisconsin show. To her surprise, Zach had a special gift for her that meant the world to her in her battle with a rare disease that affects her eating. This video reminds us to look out for those around us, and we never know what they are facing. Pray for Megan, for her health to improve, and her body to be healed.

“Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” Galatians 6:10

Source: foxnews

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