Ben Fuller Mesmerizes With A Stunning Acoustic Performance Of ‘If I Got Jesus’

Incredibly talented Christian musician Ben Fuller mesmerized with an absolutely stunning acoustic performance of his song “If I Got Jesus.”

When they pray, most people are guilty of asking God for this or that and fail to adequately thank Him for what He has already done in their lives. If we would stop and take a second to consider the many ways in which God has blessed and touched our lives, we probably wouldn’t be so needy.

Everyone wants their efforts appreciated and to hear “Thank you” now and then, including the Creator of the universe. But, like Job, if all those blessings—health, family and material possessions—were taken away, and all we had left was Jesus, would we still be OK? 

Hopefully, we would respond as Job did and remain faithful and loving servants of the one true King.

While stopping at the CCM Café, Ben gave a delightful and dazzling acoustic performance of his hit song “If I Got Jesus.” The song is about losing nearly every earthly possession but remaining thankful for Jesus Christ and His love and grace.

The tune’s beautiful chorus is a mindset that all followers of Christ should possess. If everything is taken from us, but we still have Jesus, we’ve got it all.

“If I got Jesus

I’ve got all that I could ever need

Take the world away from me

And I’ll be OK”

Later in the song, Ben mentions that Jesus provides everything he could ever need. Christ gives him strength, protection and a real, tangible hope that he can feel deep within himself. Ben sings that Christ will provide all he could ever need if all earthly possessions were taken away. 

He will be OK because of his faith and trust in Christ’s immeasurable power and love.

John 14:6 “Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life” no man comes to the Father but by me.’”


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