"Forevermore" - The Abalonekid~Brother Chaim(Yak)

"Forevermore" - The Abalonekid~Brother Chaim(Yak)

A beautiful song written, composed, arranged and sung by brother Chaim/

AbaloneKid; Abalonekidlegend; Churchintheair.

A song of Christ's love for us in that He died on the cross for our sins that we may have everlasting life and dwell with Him in our Spirits now and in His kingdom forevermore, eternally! We pray that it will edify and encourage you in your walk with Him.

God bless you and keep you all! Now and Forevermore....:) Amen


I'm feeling love from once before

His timeless touch, His endless shore

An ancient whisper, a poems rhyme

In the rhythm of His time

And He loves me, and it seems

Like the heavens and a dream

The Lord of Glory is His name

Painted portraits in my mind

Can't begin to say how kind

By His grace and through His love

Gave us life from up above

That blessed day forevermore

When He calls us home to stay

In the twilight I still pray

For the dawn of our new day

Related Scripture.

Eternal life in Christ Jn.3:15

By His blood Jn.6:5 Our home is eternal 2Cor.5:1

God is eternal Dt.33:27

Rejoice evermore 1Thess.5:16

Dwell in God's house forever Ps.23:6

Saved forever by grace through faith Eph.2:6

The Lord is Glory Jn.1:14;17:2

That blessed day forevermore 1Thess.4:16-17


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