SCHIZOPHRENIA DEFEATED! The EYE-OPENING Jesus-Glorifying Testimony of JAMES and TINA STACEY! Part 2 of 2

James and Tina Stacey oversee the ministry of PUSH. They came by the name PUSH in that each letter in P-U-S-H gives HUGE INSIGHT into how Christians need to realize that demonic strongholds need to have persistent prayer launched against those strongholds UNTIL those demonic strongholds are torn down by God. In PUSH - P stands for PRAY. U stands for UNTIL. S stands for SCHIZOPHRENIA. H stands for HEALS, or HEALING.

Though the ministry of PUSH has originated out of James deliverance from 26 years of being held in the demonic bondage of Schizophrenia ... PUSH applies to EVERY area of bondage a Christian encounters. Prayer is not something we always do just ONE TIME and assume that is enough for God to get the job done. Some demonic strongholds in a persons life needs MANY people praying down that stronghold, and not QUIT persistent praying until the stronghold is torn down in the spirit realm. Other times it DOES involve mostly just the person who is being inflicted with demonic harrasment, and that person needs to realize that PERSISTING PRAYER until total deliverance and healing comes is absolutely NECESSARY to be set free. Sometimes even FASTING is required along with prayer to break a demonic stronghold in a person or situation, and so being in tune with the Holy Spirit is crucially important in each and EVERY situation when we engage demonic forces who are trying to put us in bondage, or keep us in bondage.

To go to the website of James and Tina: WWW.SCHIZOPHRENIADEFEATED.COM

To go to the website of this evangelistic ministry: WWW.PRECIOUS-TESTIMONIES.COM

We wish to thank TBN immensely for allowing us to make this DVD of James and Tina Stacey available to TANGLE (formerly GodTube) so others can be encouraged and ministered to by it. We ask that you pray for TBN as well as TANGLE for making it possible to place video footage like this on the Internet, and we also ask that you keep James and Tin

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