The Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit? Is it merely a part of us that can discern what is right and wrong? The Holy Spirit, thankfully - is much, much more. If you ever wondered where God is, the Holy Spirit is God. He is an individual that exists inside of you and is with you every single second of the day.Yeshua has not left us abandoned in this world.For the coming tribulation that is at the door, we need a counselor, a guide and friend. The Holy Spirit is all of these, and will be with you for eternity providing you accept the sacrifice that Christ had made for you. In Heaven, you will one day be able to see Him walking next to you and talking to you, and holding you in His arms. But for now - faith must prevail. But rest assured... you are not alone. God is there for you, you just need to ask. Our hearts do not have an entry point for God, we must enable one. The Lord will affirm the faith of His servant, but that servant must choose to come before the Lord and sincerely seek Him and need Him.

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