Francisco Martin Overcomes Extreme Nerves To Land His Ticket To Hollywood

American Idol hopeful Francisco Martin overcame the nerves to impress the judges with his ‘Alaska’ audition.

18-year-old Francisco Martin was full of nerves as he sat in front of the camera. This pre-law college student has always had a love for music, but he struggled with self-confidence.

Now, he’s trying to put all of the negative thoughts aside as he follows his dreams to pursue a career as a musician. But, as soon as he stepped up to the judges, they could sense his overwhelming fear.

That’s when Luke Bryan and Lionel Ritchie stepped away from their table to give Francisco a quick pep talk. After the chance to calm down, Francisco continued on with his audition by singing ‘Alaska’ by Maggie Rogers.

His powerful vocals immediately caught the attention of the judges with Katy Perry saying, “You’ve got an incredible voice.” After learning that Francisco writes his own music, the judges asked to hear a snippet of one of his songs.

From that moment, this future star completely won over the judges. Lionel Ritchie praised Francisco for overcoming the nerves and blowing them away. He said, “I’m so happy to see you.”

After an unanimous vote to send Francisco to Hollywood, the young man was nearly in tears. He was so grateful for the opportunity and the chance to follow his real passion in life. But before he left, Luke gave Francisco one comical piece of advice.

Luke said, “We’re gonna recommend a no-caffeine diet for you.” Who else is looking forward to seeing this guy in Hollywood?
Source: American Idol

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