Children of Promise

God made a promise. That promise was about and to the son that he would produce. Throughout the Hebrew writings more and more was written of who that promise seed would be. As people and groups answered the call of God, during the Hebrew writings, they would obtain rewards for working with God to do their part toward his planned redeemer. Those people thru various unconditional and conditional covenants made with God would receive a life and place in the coming age. Because of the spirit that was upon them they would also manifest aspects of the character of the redeemer to come. The total of the writings would become a prescription for Jesus Christ's life.

Jesus Christ is the subject of the bible, with him being the focus of the all the promises and covenants of God. Along with this God's promise to Jesus was he would never leave or forsake him. God however wanted to redeemed his creation. It would be up to this son to bring it about. God had vested the hope that he proclaimed in his son completing this very thing. From the Hebrew writings it is shown that this would take two bodies to be accomplish. One born of flesh and one born of spirit. The thing that was not revealed in the Hebrew writings was there would be a third body. A group of people that after the accomplished work of Jesus Christ in his physical body would be born to assist him in the fulfillment of all the promises and covenants God had made. The mystery, the one new man, heirs of God and joint heir with Chri

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