'One Day' Beautiful Worship From Cochren And Co

Cochren & Co sings out praises to the Lord with the powerful single ‘One Day.’ This incredible song reminds us to give thanks to God for all of His many blessings, even in the midst of struggles.

There will be healing
From this heartbreak
We’ve been feeling
We’ll sing in the darkest night
Cause we know that the light will come
And there will be healing

Cochren & Co are currently signed to TobyMac’s Gotee Records. They have already made waves with their song ‘Church (Take Me Back)’ and now they’re continuing to spread the word of God.

Michael Cochren is the lead singer of this ensemble. He spoke about the meaning behind the song saying, “We’ve all experienced firsthand the pain of loss, illness, and injustice. As we look around this world it’s easy to feel hopeless, but thank God we are promised more than this world. We are promised heaven. That’s the hope I’m clinging to, the hope of healing for all creation.”

“One day there’ll be no more anger left in our eyes
One day the color of our skin won’t cause a divide
One day we’ll be family standing hand in hand
And we will see the promised land
We will see the promised land”

One day, we will all be reunited in Heaven where we will be free from our Earthly pain and sorrow. Until then, lift your voices in praise to our Lord and shout to the world of His many wonders.
Source: Cochren & Co.

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