GRANDPA -1st Prize EUD Short FIlm Festival

GRANDPA -1st Prize EUD Short FIlm Festival


EUD Short Film Festival - 1st Prize - Best Short Film - Gland, Switzerland
Synopsis: Sitting on a bench, Andrew remembers the moments he used to share with his grand-father. As a child, every day was special because his grandpa was teaching him a new lesson about life. In this way, Andrew discovered the secret of having a good communication with God. Everything was going well until one day when Andrew returns from school and finds the bench empty. Being the salt of the earth, grandpa's big secret, is actually the most important lesson about life that Andrew could ever learn.

screenplay by liliana m?n?il? and silviu dima; art direction by eliza ro?u; original music composed and performed by emil modoran; directed by silviu dima; cast: paul mardare - grandpa; teofil popescu - andrew child; antonio nistor - andrew; cindy nistor - sarah; damian posea - extra 1; ovidiu iovanel - extra 2. production assistant - octavian cr?ciun; locations - octavian cr?ciun and silviu dima; paul mardare's assistant - emanuel lucaciu; teofil popescu's assistant - adelina popescu; camera - silviu dima; camera's assistant - adelina popescu; live recording - ovidiu iovanel; catering - eliza ro?u; security - sorin soare; editing - silviu dima; english translation - octavian cr?ciun;

Parque del Capricho (Alameda de Osuna, Madrid)
Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Madrid (Oficina de Rodajes)
Ángel Fco. Torres Jiménez (cinematographic consultant)
Ferid Constandache and Viorel Ionescu (teological consultants)

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