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'Heart Of God' - Hillsong Young And Free Acoustic Performance

'Heart Of God' - Hillsong Young And Free Acoustic Performance

‘Your mercy triumphs over judgment

Love wider than horizons
Stronger than all sin
Lord Your kindness
Leads us to repentance
To the heart of God
Your heart oh God
Is all I want’

We are all sinners. Despite our best efforts, we fall short of perfection. But God made the ultimate sacrifice for us when He sent His only Son down from Heaven to die for our sins. Because of that amazing sacrifice, we are all saved and free to live out our days in Heaven above. God broke our chains and truly set us free.

His mercy and love wash over us all and give us the strength to make it through each day. Be reminded of this as you listen to the powerful lyrics of ‘Heart Of God’ from Hillsong Young and Free. Today, we get to hear a special acoustic rendition of this song and learn how it was created. This group truly has a passion for the Lord and it comes across in each and every performance. These men and women have a God-given talent for leading worship and I’m so glad that they are using their gift to give praise to His name. It’s such a blessing to see this band lead the younger generation to build a closer relationship with God. The youth are truly the future of our church and I just love seeing them help spread His amazing message.

This is definitely one of those songs that will touch your heart completely and it definitely had me raising my hands in the air and saying ‘amen!’ Are you doing the same thing?

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