Chris Tomlin 'Holy Roar' New Album (Official Lyric Video)

Chris Tomlin 'Holy Roar' New Album (Official Lyric Video)

Grammy Award winning musical artist and worship leader, Chris Tomlin is back with a new album titled “Holy Roar”. From the recently released single of the same name, Tomlin has capture another beautiful worship moment with lyric and song.

“A holy roar
Reaching for Heaven
Our praise poured out
With reckless abandon
Our worship God
Is wholly Yours
Here we stand, here we wait
Have Your way, have Your way
Every hand in this place
God we raise, God we raise “

“I am so energized by this new music, I couldn’t wait to share a few songs ahead of the Holy Roar album,” said Tomlin. “Holy Roar is the freedom, the experience, the wonder of worship. It is seeing the church come together, hands lifted to God, pouring out our praise with an eternal song in our hearts. It’s every voice together, changing the way we worship.”

As one of the most recognized worship song writer, Chris Tomlin continues to connect the believers with music that leads them in a relationship with the Father. His songs like “How Great Is Our God” continue to be sung across the world, in every language imaginable! There is something truly special in how Chris is able to put the worshipper’s heart feelings into beautiful anthems of praise!

Tomlin shared with Billboard, ““Every week not millions, but billions of people are gathering around the world to worship God together and there’s always music involved. To be a little part of that is just amazing, so I don’t think that speaks to me as much as it speaks to the church and what’s really happening around the world.””

Chris describes his thought process in the choice of words “Holy Roar”. “Holy” which means “set apart” specifically meaning with God placed with the word “roar” meaning “deep, prolonged cry”.

“When I think about these two words, ‘holy roar,’ I feel these two words describe what I would want to be said about my music,” he shares. “If you ask people, ‘What does Chris’ music sound like?’ That’s what I hope people would say that it sounds like a holy roar. When we gather with my music, it’s not that we’re just singing, shouting, dancing and celebrating for just anything. It’s a holy thing. It’s a powerful thing when you are connecting with God’s spirit and his holy presence. It’s holy roar.”

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