Man Rescues Drowning Puppy And Gives CPR

When this stranger spotted a drowning puppy from the shore, he immediately jumped into action. He knew he needed to act quick and that's exactly what he did.

Just watch as this man pulls the poor pup from the water and proceed to push on his chest and hold him upside to get the small dog to breathe again. The kind stranger continued to administer CPR and the puppy finally took a breath and began to cough a little. That's when the man wrapped the dog up in a blanket to warm him up and grabbed his water bottle. The man knew he could make a funnel with the bottle and help get more air in this sweet pup's lungs. After minutes of trying to save him, this poor dog was finally breathing on his own.

It's obvious that the puppy was in shock but a few moments later he starts to take a few steps. I'm so glad this stranger was in the right place at the right time and knew exactly what to do. Without this man, this poor puppy surely would have drowned. What a hero!

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