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CEC Sample - Creation to Christ - The Old Testament in a Nutshell

We tend to teach many of the Biblical events to our children (particularly the Old Testament) as just a bunch of “disconnected stories” that have no real relevance to their own lives. They seem to survive just fine when they are very young, but as they grow and are increasingly challenged by the world regarding the validity of their faith, they all too often fall away, having only shallow beliefs (based on “cute stories”) and lacking true conviction and a solid understanding of God’s Word as actual history. This is a very “fun” topic because it has been a huge help to people when trying to get a handle on the Old Testament. It allows people to see the Old Testament as one continuous story and helps them know where the dinosaurs fit in, when the flood was, how and when the ice age occurred, when Abraham came on the scene, addresses the issue of all the “violence” in the Old Testament, as well as all of the other major characters from Abraham up to Christ. It gives the audience one timeline with all the major events.

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