Jesus Christ is not a bible or Church

Jesus is not a BIBLE or CHURCH- The Lord is not a book or building; Jesus Christ is GOD and very much alive. The Holy Bible has words Jesus spoke and the Testimony of him during his time on earth. Lord Jesus is an all seeing all knowing being not the Holy Bible or a Congregation of people in a building. You can talk to Jesus all the time through prayer, he can hear every word you speak; if you start a serious relationship with him The Lord Jesus will speak to you. SIN separates us from him, if you want freedom and salvation from the bondage of your SINS seek Jesus seriously and he will talk to you personally. Jesus Christ is Lord and God not a BOOK, BUILDING or Congregation. You can find Jesus at Home in prayer. SEEK JESUS at HOME. Ask him for the Holy Spirit, he can hear you! Seek Jesus in prayer.

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