Celebrate with TCT & founders, Garth & Tina Coonce!

This month, the TCT Network is celebrating 36 years of broadcast ministry and the new WRLM studios in Cleveland, reminding us of another very special milestone celebrated by Garth and Tina on the last day of Spring Partnership, 54 years of marriage! We encourage you to celebrate with us as our founders, Garth and Tina Coonce along with TCT host Julie Nolan as they share all these special memories and more with you on TCT’s exclusive programming like TCT Today – which airs weekdays, at 1p/12c. To check TCT Network listings in your area visit http://www.tct.tv/watch-tct/tct-in-your-area.">http://www.tct.tv/watch-tct/tct-in-your-area.

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