Orlando Christian Counseling Self Esteem Tips for Girls

Disney’s Frozen is all the rage ever since it came out and there are many redeeming qualities in reference to girls self esteem tips! Even my 3 year old girl is obsessed with it. She can sing all the songs and loves pretending with the dolls. The reason why it resonates with so many girls is not just the animation or the songs but also the positive messages it sends them. For girls especially those struggling with self-esteem issues here are some lessons Frozen teaches:
5 Self-Esteem Tips Girls Learn from Frozen
You Don’t Need A Man to Complete You. In the movie the handsome prince actually turns into a bad guy. This happens to many women in real relationships. Like Anna, they might first think they have found their handsome prince but later on they end up regretting the relationship. It encourages girls to be content with themselves first before looking for love.
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