7-5-15 Coming Out Jehovah's Witness with Debbie McDaniel

Debbie McDaniel is a lesbian woman who recently came out and was put out of the Jehovah's Witness organization for her "sinful ways." She wrote a book titled, "Out with Consequences: Out with Consequences/A Journey out of Jehovah's Witnesses Debbie, her partner and daughter, will be with us Sunday, July 5 to share her story and offer hope, and encouragement to others who may also be struggling with the rejection and pain caused by cults who practice the divisive and manipulative practice of "shunning." If you have ever been part of a cult, or are just interested in learning more about the JW organization, you will really identify with and appreciate Debbie's story. The ONE Church stands with Debbie and we are proud to extend our hearts and arms to her for Christian fellowship, support, and encouragement.

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