CountryVine Shock A Bored Simon With Line Dance Routine

CountryVine Shock A Bored Simon With Line Dance Routine

Check out CoutryVine’s audition on Britain’s Got Talent and how they shock a bored Simon with their energetic line dance routine.

At first, I thought the members of CountryVive were about to get a big ‘No’ from Simon from the look on his face at the beginning. But their Britain’s Got Talent audition took a turn for the shocking when the music picked up. What an incredibly talented routine!

The song that is playing during the audition is called ‘Backwards’ by Rascal Flatts. It was released in 2006.

“I was sittin' on a bar stool in a barbecue joint in Tennessee
When this old boy walked in, and he sat right down next to me
I could tell he'd been through some hard times 'cause there were tear stains on his old shirt
And he said, you wanna know what you get when you play a country song backwards”

At the start of the song, one dancer dressed as a cowboy starts off on the stage by himself. Then another cowboy dancer joins him.

It is just the two of them dancing in unison at the beginning, and they are very talented dancers. But then, as the song picks up tempo, a large group of dancers come onto the stage, dressed up in cowboy gear as well. And they are all dancing along to the country song.

And the judges, who didn’t seem that impressed at the start, start grinning from ear to ear and tapping their hands on the table. They are getting a kick out of what they are seeing on stage and start having loads of fun watching the country dance routine. The audience is clapping along as well. Everyone is just getting really into it and enjoying the fun energy! What a stark contrast from how board Simon looked at the start of this audition.

We hope that you enjoyed this high energy country line dance routine and it was able to bring you some happiness today!

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