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The Rediverse - FIVE the Video Game

You wake up in a cold room, strapped to an operating table with no memory of who you are or how you got there. You can hear voices, an alarm being raised, the sound of your own screaming as you rip at your bindings. The sound is foreign to you... like an animal.

Adrenaline shoots through you as you're left with one choice.... run.

A single person seems willing to help you, a voice implanted in your head. Her name is Dr. Jessica Nye and whether she's real or a part of some twisted delusion matters little; she's your only chance for survival.

Navigating a labyrinth of mazes and guards, you search, plagued by memories that drive you to find the truth. The truth of who you are. The truth of the facility that birthed you.

Deep within the catacombs of Genos Labs you uncover the secrets of your past. Dr. Jessica Nye holds the key to your escape... and a sadistic madman dissects your every move like a rat in a maze.

You're Five - four came before you. You're about to make damn su

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