Baptizing at Temple Baptist Church

Bro. Tony and Pastor Cliff Lawton baptizing new converts at Temple Baptist Church in Tucson, Arizona. ( )

The first one is Ashley, 19 years old and was saved two weeks prior after Bro. Tony preached and he had the privilege of leading her to the Lord.
The second one is Josie, Ashley's step-mom who rededicated her life to God on the same day Ashley got saved. She had never been scripturally baptized. The third one is Malaysia, a 7 year-old neighbor of Ashley & Josie's who was saved the Sunday before when Mrs. Lawton led her to the Lord.

Notice how Pastor Lawton "grills" his candidates to make sure of their salvation, it is an awesome responsibility. Bro. Tony had spoken extensively with Ashley about baptism and its meaning as well as confirming her understanding and profession of salvation.

Praise God for these precious souls that have been added to His church!

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