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  • Praising the Lord In IndiaPraising the Lord In India
    Apostolic Church in India celebrates their love for Christ. Wonderful and inspirational.wasape22011-02-28T01:22:064,641 views00:03:13
  • "My Callie""My Callie"
    This vid is a collection of my pics of the most Beautiful "Kitty Kitty" in the world. Our God is an Awesome God! He let us have Callie for fourteen wonderful years. Thank you Father God in Heaven.Praise God he is good!wasape22011-02-18T07:30:34562 views00:02:57
  • My GardenMy Garden
    These are some pics of my Garden and my cat Callie. She was never more than five feet away from me when I worked in my Garden or when I was taken pics outside. My brother Stephen is singing music that he wrote and performs in the vid.wasape22011-02-18T01:15:42503 views00:03:47
  • Valentines Day Tardis Vid For My HubbyValentines Day Tardis Vid For My Hubby
    My husband and I love to watch Doctor Who. Doctor Who uses a time machine named the Tardis to travel through time. So I made this Vid with my husband and I traveling through time in Tardis. We met in 1987 and married in 1990.wasape22011-02-18T00:50:34441 views00:02:31
  • Spring Time In TexasSpring Time In Texas
    My brother and sister in-law took me to a picnic in April of 2010. Blue Bonnets and Indian Paint Brushes everywhere. Come to find out it was just a few minutes away from where I live! I was astonished at the beautiful rainbow of colors that day! N...wasape22011-02-17T23:50:32517 views00:03:39