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  • Stories from Skid Row | FebeStories from Skid Row | Febe
    It is our goal to move every precious mother and child off the streets of Skid Row and to the safety and serenity of Hope Gardens Family Center, where they can really get back on their feet.

    Febe, a single mom of two, came to Union Rescue Missi...
    urm2010-12-28T14:16:35651 views00:05:14
  • Andy's End of Year UpdateAndy's End of Year Update
    LA County has discontinued their subsidy to support Hope Gardens and we need $750,000 by year-end to close the gap in our operating expenses. Please help us accomplish the goal to get every single mom and child away from the mean streets of Skid R...urm2010-12-28T13:21:14217 views00:02:59
  • The Nativity Story | Stories from Skid RowThe Nativity Story | Stories from Skid Row
    Over the last 2 years, URM has rescued over 1,800 children from the streets of Skid Row. Kiera is one of those precious children - here she tells us the story of the nativity.urm2010-12-15T13:21:23707 views00:04:03